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We welcome students of all ages and abilities to our Edmonton martial arts programs. Our friendly instructors will lead you through a class and answer any questions you may have. It’s a great opportunity to try something new. Sign up online, get a free week of TKD lessons today!

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Why Choose Spirit Taekwondo


Get Fit! Have Fun!

For centuries, millions of people have benefited from the teaching of Martial Arts, a system of self-defense created in the Orient that does not advocate the use of weapons. Instead, a philosophy that believes in strengthening the mind and body through self-discipline, fitness, and awareness.

Dedicated Instructors

Our instructors are black belt professionals. Their energy, enthusiasm, helpfulness, and friendliness are proof that our program works. Parents enrolling children and teens are reassured to know that classes are conducted by instructors who expect the best behavior, uphold rules, and provide continuous supervision. They strive to be the best they can and they’re dedicated to passing along that special quality, assurance and achievement to every student.

Achieve Your Goal

Whether your goal is to improve your fitness, increase confidence and self esteem, enhance your focus or improve mental clarity our highly skilled instructors listen to you and work with you every step of the way. You will achieve your goal! Enjoy yourself and make new friends while learning Taekwondo.

Here is what people have to say about us...

My Children have been attending Spirit Taekwondo since September of 2007. They have enjoyed each and every aspect of the martial art and I get to see them grow up into individuals who value discipline and respect.”


“My son now loves tkd! He goes to class as often as he can and talks about it when we are not there. The atmosphere at the gym is extremely supportive and nurturing and loads of fun! It has really turned into a second home for us. You are definitely treated like family!”


How Children Benefit from Taekwondo

At Spirit Taekwondo we believe children as young as four years of age are ready to begin learning a martial art. Our expert instructors know how to work with young children keeping them on-task and motivated to learn more. Your child’s newly acquired skills will foster a sense of self-confidence and independence. Here are just a few of the benefits of joining the Pee Wee Preschooler Program or Children's Beginner or Advanced Taekwondo Programs:

  • improved coordination;
  • developed focus and discipline;
  • advanced learning environment;
  • enhanced physical skills; and
  • fun!

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How Families Benefit from Taekwondo

Looking for a fun and family-friendly activity you can all do together? Then look no further than Spirit Taekwondo. From white belt to black belt, our tae kwon do classes are perfect for all family members. The format of our TKD classes changes every week – some classes will be separated by ages and belt levels, while other classes will have all ages and belts training together. For both adults and kids, the goal of our martial arts classes is to provide you with an enjoyable activity you can do together and will stick with. Let Spirit Taekwondo be the highlight of your family’s week. Here are some benefits your family will see from participating in our TKD classes:

  • combining fun and fitness in a family activity;
  • sharing values like discipline and respect;
  • learning new self-defence skills;
  • benefiting from expert martial arts instruction; and
  • experiencing something the whole family can participate in together

Yes, I am interested in attending a FREE week of classes.


Discover a Total Body Workout

When we say our fitness classes are a a total body workout, we mean it. At Spirit Taekwondo our fitness classes use a series of punching, kicking and various other movements to help tone the whole body, not just target areas. Our workouts allow you to receive a cardio and resistance workout at the same time. Taking a fitness class at Spirit Taekwondo isn’t like any other fitness class. We incorporate great instructors, up-tempo music, and varied workouts to help keep you motivated. Here are some of the reasons you should check out the fitness classes at Spirit Taekwondo:

  • fat-burning exercise that aids in weight loss;
  • body-sculpting activity that increases flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, and coordination;
  • martial arts-inspired pursuit that teaches self-defence skills;
  • fun group workout that allows you to meet others; and
  • stress-relieving and confidence-building training that encourages you to continue

Yes, I am interested in attending a FREE week of classes.


Preserving the past, Pioneering the future of Martial Arts

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